15 Year Anniversary

Dr Alice Medical Centres, an integrated beauty medical centre led by Dr.Alice Prethima specialising in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and wellness in Malaysia, is marking 2015 as its 15th anniversary year.

Since its inception in 1999, Dr.Alice Medical Centres sets the standard of Malaysia’s medical Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Wellness industry by using the latest FDA approved technologies, fully licenced products and constantly accumulating medical methodologies accreditations. The centres pave the way of highest medical etiquette through providing personalised care to patients, whereby all of the centres patients from day one have been personally consulted and treated by Dr.Alice.

Over the past one and half decade, Dr.Alice Medical Centres have grown from being amongst the first cosmetic and aesthetic centre in Malaysia to 3 centres providing comprehensive range of beauty and health services concurrent with receiving awards and honours. As of today, the centres offers 88 types of treatments which compromises of 34 cosmetic procedures, 41 aesthetic treatments and 13 wellness services, ensuring patients are not limited to one form of treatment in meeting their unique beauty and goals.

“This 15th year milestone not only serves as recognition of our performance, but a reflection of our commitment in providing the highest quality medical beauty treatment and services to our patients. We remain committed in living up to our reputation as a pioneering medical centre and are optimistic for another successful 15 years,” said Dr Prethima Michael, Managing Medical Director and Founder of Dr Alice Medical Centres.



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